Mutuals Public Register

Below you will find definitions of the acronyms used in the ‘Deregistration Method’ and ‘Transfer Method’ fields on the Mutuals Public Register.

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AM (or AMAL)Amalgamation of one society with another, to form a new society
CANCancellation of a society
COConversion of a society to a company (used until 1994).
CONVConversion of a society to a company or Scottish Charitable Organisation
CWWinding up by Court Order
HCCancellation of a society at the instigation of the FCA
HCDEHousing Corporation Deregistration
HCIDCancellation of a Building Society after dissolution
IDInstrument of Dissolution
ID92Incorporated Friendly Society dissolution
IODInstrument of Dissolution for a society registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014
LQVoluntary Liquidation
OTOther Termination
OTRMTermination method unknown
RCRequest to Cancel – where a society has applied to cancel its own registration.
TETransfer of engagements to another society
TE92Transfer of engagements under the Friendly Societies Act 1992
TEBBranch transfer of engagements
TECOTransfer of engagements to a company
WUWinding up
WUBSBuilding society final winding up

All of the mutual society numbers are followed by a suffix.

SuffixDefinitionSociety Type
ADAncient Order of Foresters - DistrictFriendly Society
ADSAncient Order of Foresters - Scottish DistrictFriendly Society
AOFAncient Order of Foresters - CourtFriendly Society
AOFIAncient Order of Foresters - Irish BranchFriendly Society
AOFSAncient Order of Foresters - Scottish CourtFriendly Society
AOHBAncient Order of Hibernians - Scottish Branch Ancient Order of Hibernians - Scottish DistrictFriendly Society
AOHDAncient Order of Hibernians - Irish DistrictFriendly Society
AOHIAncient Order of Hibernians - Irish DistrictFriendly Society
BBuilding SocietyBuilding Society
BSBuilding Society ScotlandBuilding Society
BNIBuilding Society - Northern IrelandBuilding Society
BENBenevolent SocietyFriendly Society
BENIBenevolent Society - IrishFriendly Society
BENSBenevolent Society - ScottishFriendly Society
CCredit UnionCredit Union
CUSCredit Union ScotlandCredit Union
COLCollecting SocietyFriendly Society
COLSCollecting Society - ScottishFriendly Society
FFriendly SocietyFriendly Society
FASMOrder of Free and Accepted Scottish Mechanics - BranchFriendly Society
FIFriendly Society - IrishFriendly Society
FSFriendly Society - ScottishFriendly Society
GLUKGrand Lodge of UK Independent Order of Engineers & MechanicsFriendly Society
GOIMGrand Order of Independent Mechanics - BranchFriendly Society
GOISGrand Order of Israel and Shield of David - BranchFriendly Society
GUDGrand United Order of Oddfellows - DistrictFriendly Society
GUOOGrand United Order of Oddfellows - BranchFriendly Society
IACIndustrial Assurance CompanyData Transfer - see Companies House
INFIIrish National Foresters Benefit Society - Irish BranchFriendly Society
IOKDIndependent Order of Oddfellows Kingston Unity - DistrictFriendly Society
IOKUIndependent Order of Oddfellows Kingston Unity - LodgeFriendly Society
IOMUIndependent Order of Oddfellows Manchester Unity - LodgeFriendly Society
IORIIndependent Order of Rechabites - Irish DistrictFriendly Society
IORSIndependent Order of Rechabites - Salford UnityFriendly Society
IUOLIndependent Order of Rachebites Salford Unity DistrictFriendly Society
RSUSIndependent Order of Rachebites Salford Unity - Scottish DistrictFriendly Society
IUOMIndependent Order of Loyal Mechanics England/WorldFriendly Society
LLoan SocietyLoan Society
MUDIndependent Order of Oddfellows Manchester Unity - DistrictFriendly Society
MUDSIndependent Order of Oddfellows Manchester Unity - Scottish DistrictFriendly Society
MUSIndependent Order of Oddfellows Manchester Unity - Scottish LodgeFriendly Society
NIOONational Independent Order of Oddfellows - BranchFriendly Society
NIOSNational Independent Order of Oddfellows - Scottish BranchFriendly Society
ODOrder of Druids - LodgeFriendly Society
ODDOrder of Druids - DistrictFriendly Society
OSTDOrder of Sons of Temperance - DistrictFriendly Society
OSTIOrder of Sons of Temperence - Irish DistrictFriendly Society
RIndustrial and Provident SocietyIndustrial and Provident Society
RSIndustrial and Provident Society - ScottishIndustrial and Provident Society
SASpecially Authorised Society (under the Friendly Societies Act 1974)Friendly Society
SALSpecially Authorised Loan Society (under the Friendly Societies Act 1974)Friendly Society
SALISpecially Authorised Loan Society - Irish (under the Friendly Societies Act 1974)Friendly Society
SASSpecially Authorised Society - Scottish (under the Friendly Societies Act 1974)Friendly Society
SFSuperannuation FundSuperannuation
SOOScottish Order of Oddfellows - Scottish LodgesFriendly Society
UAODUnited Ancient Order of Druids - LodgeFriendly Society
UBSMUnited Brotherhood of Speculative MechanicsFriendly Society
AODDUnited Ancient Order of Druids - DistrictFriendly Society
WWorking Men's ClubFriendly Society
WIWorking Men's Club - IrishFriendly Society
WSWorking Men's Club - ScottishFriendly Society