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Society Name: Co-operative Group Limited
Number & Suffix: 525R
Status: Registered
Registration Date: 11 Aug 1863
Registration Act: Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014
Address: 1 Angel Square
M60 0AG
Date of Last Move: 04 Dec 2012
Financial Year End: 02/01
Deregistration Date:
Deregistration Method:
Transferred to Society/Company Number:
Transferred to Society/Company Name:
Transfer Method:

Details of recent name changes:

03 Dec 2007Co-operative Group (CWS) Limited
14 Jan 2001Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited

Details of recent transfer to the society:

Date *
Society Number
Society Name
Transfer Method
13 Jun 2016 4201CS Millgate Insurance Brokers LimitedTE
14 Feb 2014 32207R Hamsard 2974 LimitedTE
19 Jan 2012 31484R CWS LimitedTE
01 Jan 2011 29526R LCS (Share Scheme) Limited TE
01 Jan 2011 11871R Co-operative Dairy Society Limited TE
01 Jan 2011 29871R Priory Motor Group Limited TE
01 Jan 2011 9848R Co-operative Tea Society Limited TE
01 Jan 2011 24764R Leech's Funeral Services Limited TE
01 Jan 2011 29413R Sveltemine Limited TE
01 Jan 2011 29902R United Financial Services Limited TE
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* the date shown for transfers after May 2006 is the date we registered either a special resolution or an instrument of transfer for the transferring society. Please contact if you need to know the date of registration of the transferring society's special resolution or instrument of transfer where a transfer date earlier than 15 May 2006 is shown in the table above, since previously other dates (such as an 'effective date') were sometimes used to record the 'date' of a transfer.

The documents listed below are available for purchase online and can be downloaded following confirmation of payment. Other public documents may be available for this society. Details of how to order these as either electronic or paper copies are given on the Home page.

Documents received from the Department for the Economy (DfE) in Northern Ireland before 6 April 2018 for societies registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act (Northern Ireland) 1969 or The Credit Unions (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 have a ‘document date’ based on the ‘date received’ as recorded by DfE.

Date Added
Document Available to Purchase Online
Date of Document
26 Jun 2018Partial Amendment to Rules 26 Jun 2018 £12.00
10 May 2018Annual Return and Accounts 06 Jan 2017 £12.00
31 Jul 2017Notification of Charge 28 Jun 2017 £12.00
Further details
04 Jul 2017Annual Return and Accounts 31 Dec 2016 £12.00
21 Mar 2017Notification of  the Satisfaction of, or Release from, a Charge 21 Mar 2017 £12.00
Further details
12 Jan 2017Notification of Charge 20 Dec 2016 £12.00
Further details
03 Oct 2016Transfer of Engagements 03 Jun 1988 £12.00
Further details
25 Aug 2016Annual Return and Accounts 02 Jan 2016 £12.00
04 Aug 2016Notification of Charge 04 Aug 2016 £12.00
13 Jun 2016Partial Amendment to Rules 13 Jun 2016 £12.00
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