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Society Name: Cambridge Building Society
Number & Suffix: 82B
Status: Registered
Registration Date: 01 Jan 1945
Registration Act: Building Societies Act 1986
Address: 51 Newmarket Road
Date of Last Move: 06 Feb 1998
Financial Year End: 31/12
Deregistration Date:
Deregistration Method:
Transferred to Society/Company Number:
Transferred to Society/Company Name:
Transfer Method:

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Documents received from the Department for the Economy (DfE) in Northern Ireland before 6 April 2018 for societies registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act (Northern Ireland) 1969 or The Credit Unions (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 have a ‘document date’ based on the ‘date received’ as recorded by DfE.

Date Added
Document Available to Purchase Online
Date of Document
19 Jun 2018Alteration of a Memorandum 19 Jun 2018 £12.00
25 Apr 2018Annual Return and Accounts 31 Dec 2017 £12.00
14 Jul 2017Building Society Annual Report 31 Dec 2016 £12.00
29 Dec 2016Partial Alteration to Rules 22 Dec 2016 £12.00
11 May 2016Cessation of a Director 11 May 2016 £12.00
05 May 2016Cessation of a Committee or Board Member 05 May 2016 £12.00
Further details
04 Sep 2015Appointment of a Committee or Board Member 04 Sep 2015 £12.00
Further details
01 May 2014Appointment of a Committee or Board Member 30 Apr 2014 £12.00
Further details
24 Apr 2014Cessation of a Committee or Board Member 24 Apr 2014 £12.00
22 Jan 2014Cessation of a Committee or Board Member 22 Jan 2014 £12.00
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